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October 9, 2012


Let’s design this week’s MAC Fit Moves around the world of FOOTBALL,  a much loved sport at this time of year! They obviously are in great physical shape (and I'm not talking about the linemen ladies). So hey, let’s give some of their fitness routine a shot.  Do this circuit 4 times, (once for each quarter of the game).
For this one you are going to watch the clock for 30 seconds. Standing with feet shoulder width apart, you are going to scissor your feet forwards and backwards (like skiing) with both feet touching the ground at the same time. Do this as quickly as possible. After the first 30 seconds, take a quick break, shake out the legs, and return to standing, but with feet together. For the next 30 seconds, you are going to make an X with your feet.  Start by moving both feet forward and out, then back to the middle with feet together, then backward with feet out, then back to the middle with feet together. Do this for 30 seconds! 
Standing with feet shoulder width apart, pull one knee up to your chest with that corresponding arm extended down, opposite arm bent and up. (see picture). Hold for 5 seconds, then switch feet and body positions to opposite side with a little jump of the foot, leaning towards the other direction.  Repeat hold for 5 seconds.  You should do this for one minute!


Standing shoulder width apart, start running your feet in place as quickly as possible, thinking about maximum touches of the toes to the floor.  After 10 seconds, squat down with bent knees and hands on the floor, kick your legs out to pushup position, bring knees back in to squatting position, and stand up to a jump. REPEAT 10 times.


               Standing with your hands on the wall just a bit wider than shoulder width position, walk your feet out so that your body is angled towards the wall.  Bend your elbows until your forehead touches, then push yourself up fast so you can clap your hands in the air, then go right back down into push up position.  Repeat 10 times.  If this is too easy for you, try one handed pushups in the same form!


               With your back to the wall, walk your legs out and bring your body down so that you are in a sitting position with legs at a 90 degree angle. Hold this position for 20 seconds, stand up for 5 seconds, then go back down to wall sit position, but with your feet together (focuses the inner thigh as the area working hardest).  Hold for 20 seconds.


               Laying flat on your back, with legs bent, hold one small – medium weight with both hands at your chest.  As you sit up, push the weight towards the ceiling, then lower it back down to your chest as your lay on the floor. Repeat 10 times.


          For this exercise you will have 2 spots. Spot 1 ( where you are now). Spot 2 (where the "Fumble" is = A weight  placed about 20 feet from you.) You will do this for one minute. Dash to pick up the fumble and carry it back to where you were standing. Put it down, and dash back to spot 2 for a jumping jack. Repeat the dash/fumble recovery/dash/jack routine for a minute.