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July 9, 2012

Moves that make you mac FIT!

Like last week -  I've set up the moves of the week in pairs! To give you an example, this is how I'm doing my workouts this week!
Mon- walk/jog and Pair 1, Tue- bike ride and Pair 2, Wed- walk/jog Pair 1, Thurs - walk/jog Pair 2, Fri - going for a long bike ride and abs only!  Sat - MAC FIT KICKBOXING!
Pair #1:
·        Chest Flies
o   Laying flat on the floor, have a weight in each hand extended straight above your chest.
o   Slowly open up your hands and bring your weights closer to the floor until your elbows touch the floor.  (For the best fly - weights in hands should be out  farther from your body than your elbows are.)
o   Squeeze your chest muscles and bring the weights back to the start in the same motion they came down!

·        Lat Pullovers with leg lift
o   With one weight in your hand, straighten your arms and start with the weight directly above your chest, and lift your legs so they are up in the air.
o   Keeping your arms straight, lower the weight backwards to the point when your upper arm is directly next to your ear.
o   Lift the weight back up keeping your arms straight, and when you get back to the top – push the weight up towards your feet!

*Unlike the picture, you do NOT have to lower your legs down when you lower the weight down. That is optional!

·        ABS: spell MAC FIT….  SWEAT ….. ROCKS!
o   With your legs extended straight out from your body, keep both feet together and spell the word MAC FIT! You can make big or small letters, either way!
o   On the next set, spell SWEAT, and the next set spell ROCKS!
o   IF YOU HAVE BACK ISSUES – you can still do this exercise, but keep your legs up high in the air and spell the words up high, instead of extended out low.  This alleviates most of the back pressure.

Pair #2:
·        Tricep kickbacks
o   Using one weight, either place your off hand on your knee or on a chair – keeping your back straight!
o   Without moving your elbow, kick the weight back behind you using your tricep!  Slowly lower the weight back down.

·        Plie squats with shoulder row
o   With weights in both hands, feet slightly wider than shoulder width, and toes point barely outwards like a ballerina in a plié… lower the weights down between your legs – THINK BUTT BACK and CHEST UP!
o   As you bring the weights back up, stand up into your plié and pull the weights up leading with your elbows into a shoulder row.  Weights should never be higher than the elbows.

·        ABS:  Bicycles
o   With both legs extended, pull one knee in towards the opposite elbow in a cross body crunch, leaving the other leg extended.
o   Switch legs and repeat.
o   IF YOU HAVE BACK ISSUES – instead of having your legs extended. Keep them bent with foot on floor.  You can still cross body crunch the opposite knee to opposite elbow, but avoid the back pressure.

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KarenH said...

Thanks MacFit! Went kayaking this weekend (which was awesome). The first time I had some burning in the shoulders and biceps but the second time out it was much better. If it weren't for the arm exercises we have been doing, I would have been sore and not enjoyed it so much. So keep the workouts going ladies. They do help.