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July 23, 2012

Don't MISS these MAC fit MOVES!

Pair #1: Legs, Shoulders, and Triceps
·        Frog Jumps!
o   With no weights, put your feet into plié position (just wider than shoulder width, toes pointed slightly out.) Bend your knees, keeping your chest and head up, and lowering your bottom towards the floor behind you.  Go as low as you can – some will be able to touch hands on the floor! As soon as you touch the lowest possible point, spring up while putting your hands in the air!  You should come right back down where you started, no forward motion. Repeat 10 times.
o   MODIFICATION: instead of springing up to jump , just stand back and up raise your heels off the ground.
*REACH down with hands between legs, instead of on outside of legs.

·        Tricep - Shoulder Press combo
o   With one weight held in both hands, hold the weight in front of your chest with elbows bent. Press the weight straight up overhead. Once overhead, lower the weight backwards behind you keeping your elbows stationary by your ears. (this is the tricep portion!) Raise the weight back up overhead, then lower back to your chest.
step #1

step #2

step # 3

·        ABS: IN and OUTS
o   With your legs in the air, reach up with your hands and touch the inside of the opposite foot, then reach as far as you can across your body towards the opposite wall.  Should go like this:  (IN- right, IN – left, OUT- right, OUT – left)
o   Go for 8 total reps!

Pair # 2:  Chest and Back
·        Lat Pullovers
o   With one weight in both hands, laying flat on the floor, start with the weight above your chest with straight arms.  Lower the weight backwards towards the floor behind you – keeping your arms straightened.  Once your shoulders reach your ears, raise the weight back up to the start position while keeping your arms straight!  To get a better overall workout, lift and keep your legs off the floor with your heels towards the ceiling during the whole set.

·        Modified Pushups
o   On the floor using your mats, position yourself into a modified push up where your body rests on your knees and your hands (body should be straight as an arrow from knees to neck!)  Keeping your head up, looking 20 feet in front of you, lower your chest towards the floor by bending your elbows. Don’t let your shoulders tense up into your ears! Your neck should be relaxed.  Once you lower yourself so that your elbows are at a 90 degree angle, push yourself back up and repeat 10 times! 

·        ABS: Standing up crunches
o   With your hands on your head, crunch your chest and elbow towards your opposite knee as you lift it up in a standing crunch. Do the opposite side.  Then Crunch your elbow towards your same side knee as you lift your knee out to the side to meet your elbow, repeat on opposite side. It’s a great oblique move!

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