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July 16, 2012

more MAC fit moves for your MAC fit MUSCLES!

Ladies, you are doing so well on this journey! I am consistently seeing improvement in those of you who have committed to using MAC fit as a tool to grow stronger in your bodies, as well as in your faith! If you need more encouragement in your fitness goals, please feel free to contact me - I am more than willing to help!  I encourage you to keep working out during the week at home using different varieties of movement like walking, jogging, bicycling, swimming, water aerobics, ellipticals, etc! And use the MAC fit moves to help you get strong and stay strong!
I had a BLAST kickboxing with you last week, and we are going to do it again this week! See you saturday and bring a friend!
(like I mentioned last week, it will be very beneficial to set up a work out schedule where you can do Pair 1 one day, and Pair 2 the next!)
Pair 1:  Legs and Shoulders!
·        Chair sit-backs
o   With your feet together and knees together, slowly sit back onto a chair that is placed behind you, not too close, not too far away!  FOCUS on sitting back with your behind, with your chin and chest up comfortably. Your knees should easily be behind your toes and your weight into your heels, because you have a chair to catch you! Once your butt hits the chair, stand up quickly!  Slow on the way down, quick on the way up. Keeping your legs together the whole way will work your inner thigh even more than a regular squat would.

·        Side and front shoulder raises
o   With a weight in each hand, raise one weight at a time with an extended arm.  Don’t raise the weight higher than ear/eye level.  You should do it as such:  Right arm side raise, right arm front raise, left arm side raise, left arm front raise.  Keeping the arm straight, and the back straight as well. Don’t rock the weight up, as that could harm your lower back and takes benefit to the shoulders away from the exercise.  Do the split leg stance if you have any back issues!

·        ABS:
o   Heels to the heavens!
§  Laying on your back, with your hands palms down underneath your bottom, put your legs straight up into the air.  
§  Feet together, Raise your heels towards the heavens - Focus on your legs and feet going straight up and down, ceiling to floor, without much or any movement front to back! This is a great core, lower abs move!
§  The movement does not have to be big, it’s more about focusing on straight up and straight down, without using a swinging motion to get your feet in the air!

Pair 2:  Tricep and Bicep!
·        Overhead tricep extension with band
o   With your legs in split stance, put one end of band under the back foot, the other end in your same side’s hand.  With your elbow close to your ear, extend your hand up towards the ceiling! Slowly lower back down – always keeping elbow in a stable, unmoving position.  Switch stance, switch sides!

*use the split stance, not shown here
one leg forward, one leg back

·        Bicep curl with band
o   With the band underneath both of your feet, handle in each hand, curl the band up keeping your elbow stable and unmoving. Slowly lower back down!  At the bottom your wrist should be in neutral position (palms facing legs), and at the top your palm should be facing your shoulder!

·        ABS:
o    PLANKS Variated
§  You are going to hold your body in a plank position with your hands on the floor for 5 secs, then you are going to move yourself to rest on your forearms with a straight body, for 5 seconds, then up to hands for another 5 sec, then down to forearms for another 5 sec. This a total body move! But so great for the core J
§  If you are unable to do this move, or if you struggle with shoulder, neck, lower back issues – feel free to do a regular plank on your forearms or hands for 15 sec intervals!

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