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July 30, 2012

Do I want to build muscle? The answer is YES!

We at MAC fit focus on strength as an important aspect of our overall fitness and health.  Please click on the following link to read more about why MUSCLE is good! 


Don't be worried about getting bulky  - MAC Fit moves are good, but not that good!You will have to workout a lot harder and longer and heavier to have that problem in mind!

So, when we emphasize the MAC fit moves as being important in all your health goals, now you know why!  Here is the quick summary:

1) Muscle decreases risk of injury, and osteoporosis in your future!
2) Muscle increases your metabolic rate (calorie burners!).
3) Muscle improves balance.
4) Muscle can help with blood-sugar control.
5) Muscle can burn calories, even after you're done working out!
6) Muscle can help you sleep better, and keep you happy! (workouts invovling muscle building exercises release hormones that help with sleep and happy feelings. A natural anti-depressant!)

Food for thought!  (always a zero calorie meal)

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