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May 21, 2012

MACfit MOVES and MOTIVATION for the week!

MAC FIT GIRLS: Remember to get moving 3 days this week! The weather is FANTASTIC today, great for walking! and the 3 muscle moves of the week are:

1.) Tricep Pushups off the kitchen counter
2.) Slow squats
3.) pelvic tilts or perfect sit ups! (choose the pelvic tilts if any neck injury - same focus without the neck stress)
KEYS to remember - Keep your elbows in on the tricep pushups. Hold the counter on the squats - with your weight back into your heels, not over your toes. and on the perfect sit ups, lift your head towards the ceiling while lifting your pelvis and pulling your belly button into your spine. On the pelvic tilts only, focus on squeezing butt cheeks during lift!

Do each exercise 10 times, for 3 sets. (3x10) Do take a day off in between for muscle rest and recoop.




BB said...

Thanks, Kacey!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the directions for the exercises as I sometimes forget what steps go with each exercise you show us.