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May 12, 2012

The First Post

How fun it is to present you with our very own MAC Fit blog!  Please use this blog as a means to interact with your fellow "Fitters" as well as a tool of outreach to invite friends to MAC Fit.

Kacey, our fitness instructor, will post fitness tips on our blog from time to time and also keep us challenged with "homework" through the week.  If you have questions for her, this is a good place to ask.  Just click on "Comments" and enter your question(s).

Becky and others involved in facilitating spiritual fitness will post encouragement, scripture verses, and challenges from time to time in order to motivate you spiritually.

Ladies, this is your blog.  Let us know what you'd like in the blog that would assist you in your journey to physical, mental, and spiritual fitness.  We're always open for feedback. 

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