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September 27, 2012

Short of time? Here is a 15 minute workout!

Oy yoy yoy! Anyone else crammed for time lately?  As you can tell by my lack of posts on our lovely blog, my life has been crazy and time seems to slip away between breakfast and bedtime. So where do we squeeze in the time to firm our muscles and keep our heart healthy?  Here is a 15 minute work designed for cramped quarters and a little window of time! 


Why the name? Prisoners only have a small cell to work with, and while you may never be in the exact same setting (hopefully), sometimes you need a workout that hits every muscle group without needing a lot of space or equipment. Pushups and squats may not be the most exciting moves, but there's a reason they're staples in almost every workout: They work!
Complete this circuit as many times as you can in 15 minutes to burn fat and build lean muscle fast!

10 SQUATS (with or without weight)

10 regular pushups or modified

10 lunges (on each leg)

10 tricep pushups (off a counter or a chair or a wall!) CLOSE GRIP AND ELBOWS IN.

10 jump squats -or- plie squats with a calf raise