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November 1, 2012


It’s that time of year where it becomes less inviting to go outdoors for a walk, the brisk air is nipping at you all the way!   So, that means you have to get more creative if you want to stay warm while you workout.  Don’t let hibernation mode take its toll on your health goals this year!  Here is a workout that you can do within the warm comfort of your own home, while still kicking the calories to the curb and keeping your fitness goals in check.

Let’s start with a warm up:  
- Jump some imaginary rope for 30 seconds.  This will not only get your heart pumping, but it’s a great way to work your calves and legs and get the muscles warmed up from sedentary mode.

- Now get yourself in gear by standing in an X position, feet wide and arms out.  Bend and touch your knees/toes for 10 on each side – this is going to loosen up your lower back, butt, hips and some mid-section while giving yourself a nice mini-core workout at the same time.

- Lastly, do 20 jumping jacks – if you cant do a full out jumping jack, just do a tap and reach overhead instead to limit the impact but still getting a good stretch and warm up.

To maximize movement and minimize time, lets try to focus on only COMBO moves in this workout. You are going to do each of these moves 10 times, and repeat for 4 times, instead of 3, because you are cutting the time down by moving to COMBO only. 


    • Laying on your back, hold a weight in each hand. Starting with the weights up above your chest, lower them slowly with your elbows staying outside your body.  Press them back up to start position, now place your palms together and lower them back behind your head, keeping your arms straight, until your elbows are near your ears, then bring them back up to start position (arms straight the whole time.)  REPEAT.
CHEST  PRESS                                                                            LAT PULLOVER
    • Standing with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, and with a weight in hand, lower down into a squat with the weight between your legs.(CHEST UP, KNEES BEHIND TOES, WEIGHT IN YOUR HEELS). As you come up to standing position, you will use the momentum of your leg power to lift the weight up straight out in front of you, no higher than your eyes. REPEAT
                                                             Use 1 arm, 1 weight
    • Holding a stationary lunge position (from standing position take a large step out with one leg, and lower yourself down, keeping the front knee behind the toe, and the back knee directly below your hips).  With a weight in each hand, double curl for 5.  Stand, switch front leg of lunge, lower, and double curl for 5 more.


    • This is best done on a mat, carpet can sometime cause knees or elbows to get sore.   Start on your stomach – place your body weight on your forearms and your toes – lift and hold for 10 seconds, with body straight as an arrow. This a core move, by holding yourself in one position – activating your lower back, abdomen, and buttocks.   Now lower back down, body weight is now on your knees and hands (shoulder width apart). Lower your chest towards the floor, keeping your ELBOWS IN BY YOUR SIDES, and your body from your knees to your neck should be straight like an arrow. This is a MODIFIED TRICEP PUSHUP. By keeping your elbows tucked in by your sides, you are working your back-arm, instead of your chest like a regular push up.

Hold for 10 SECONDS                                  then do 10 tri pushups!

Repeat the warm-up at the end of each weight circuit to keep your heart rate up and your body nice and warm.   Try not to take more than 1 minute rest between each weight exercise - this is going to maximize your metabolic rate during your workout - keep those calories a' burning!

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