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February 18, 2013

20 minute Total Body Cardio/Strength Workout

This workout is going to maximize your time spent, while accelerating your metabolism. You will strengthen your muscles, including your heart, and will tell your body burn up some fat in the process! You will need a clock (cell phone, stop watch, etc), 20 minutes of your day, weights and yourself!

The key to this workout is not taking long breaks in between sets. Don't rest for more than 1 minute in between exercises. Your twenty minutes will fly by, and the short breaks coupled with the combination of classic cardio/strength moves will tell your metabolism to kick into high gear!

Move #1: Jump rope - 1 minute

- If you have a jump rope, use it! If not, pretend. It does almost the same exact thing, just utilizes less coordination.  Change up your jump style every 20 seconds (alternating legs, double jump, boxer style, etc). 

Move #2: Goblet squat - 15 reps

Stand with legs slightly wider than shoulder width apart, and have your toes pointing very slightly outwards.  Hold one weight (heavier rather than lighter) with both hands by one end of the weight, and let it dangle between your legs.  Focus on chest up, butt back, and squat (making sure knees are aligned with feet, and behind toes.) Stand back up and repeat.

Move #3: High knees - 30 seconds  Butt kicks - 30 seconds (no break in between)

Just like it sounds, start jogging in place but focus on pulling your knees up towards your chest.  You can modify this at walking pace.  Butt kicks are the same idea, focus on pulling your heels up towards your behind.

Move #4: Push up Combos

Start in modified push up position (knees on floor, hands on floor straight out from shoulder joint but just a little wider - straight body from knees to neck!)   Begin with 5 regular push ups, leading with chest towards the floor.  Then switch hand position closer together, focusing on the elbows coming back while touching your sides for 5 Tricep push ups.  End with 5 regular pushups again.

                        REGULAR POSITION                                                  TRICEP POSITION

Move #5: Jumping jacks (or X reach) - 1 minute

If you can, go for jumping jacks! Focus on soft landing, form rather than speed.  If modified is for you - reach overhead while tapping out with the same side foot towards the opposite direction of your reach, then alternate (X reach).

Move #6: Lat pullover to abdominal crunch - 15 reps

Laying flat on your back, hold one weight with both hands - legs extended.  Keeping your arms straight, lift the weight off the floor over your head while simultaneously lifting your straight legs to meet it in the middle. When you are just about to reach your legs with the weight, lift your shoulders off the floor like you are giving the weight up to your feet as a gift. This is a great back and ab combo move!

Repeat Moves #1-6 until your 20 minutes is up! Remember not to break for more than one minute in between moves.

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