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June 18, 2012

Fitness Goals

Remember that we are trying to set weekly goals to help us with our motivation on our journey to better health.  These micro-goals could include:
  • get up early every day this week to read Jesus Calling and work out.
  • Say "NO" to dessert this week.
  • Give up 1 soda a day this week.
  • Try a new fitness routine!
  • etc...

We are also trying to establish an "end of summer" goal.  This is a longer term goal which allows you more time to work at it, with a bigger end result! End of summer goals could include:
  • run a 5k with a friend.
  • drop X # of lbs.
  • Bike X # of miles at one time. (RAGBRAI is coming soon!)
  • Conquer an exercise you thought you couldn't do, like a pull-up! Or so many sit-ups in a row, etc.

These goals will help keep you moving and motivated in a healthy way, and remember - we are all here to pray for you and help motivate you! Last week, I failed miserably at my attempt to work out everyday even while company was at our house. And I failed even worse at getting up early everyday for my Jesus Calling time in the peace and quiet. When I shared my struggles, I had a friend step up to help me as an accountability partner - and the whole group shared in my struggle with prayer and encouragement.

Share your goals - share your struggles!  Talk to God about them, and He will use our MAC Fit group to help you channel His power into your daily fitness and health endeavors!

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BB said...

Thank you for your vulnerability. Thank you for your encouragement. Thank you for reminding us to set goals. Thank you for being our awesome fitness leader!