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June 14, 2012


1.) Wall sits with shoulder circles
  • with your back to the wall, slide yourself down so your legs are at a 90 degree angle. With straight arms, make little circles forward for 10 seconds and backwards for 10 secs and repeat until you can't anymore! Do 3 sets. (Picture shows weights in hand - no need for weights, but you can add small ones if you want!)

2.)Chest press on the ground
  • laying flat on the ground on your back with a weight (moderate-heavy) in each hand, lower the weight to your chest and push back up in the air. Keep the weight controlled and lower slowly. 3x10

3.) Tricep extension with a band
  • with the end of band in one hand, while the other end is under your foot, pull the band up over your head towards the ceiling. Keep the elbow near the ear! It's best to take a step forward, with the band underneath the back foot (keep the body straight from the heel to the neck) Switch arms. 3x10

4.) ABS:  
  • Laying flat on the ground, with legs straight up together in the air, imagine there is a rope coming straight out of the ceiling through the middle of your feet. Pretend to pull that rope close to you, in a hand over hand action! Think chest up, contract the abs on each imaginery pull! 20 pulls x 3 sets
  • Use this picture as a guide - but reach with each hand individually as if you were pulling a rope in close to your chest!
Do exercise 1-4 in order, repeat 3 times! Feel the burn, you guys are doing great!  Don't go too light on the weights for chest press - push yourself a little bit. Nothing smaller than 5lbs.  You won't see any results that way - and we want to move forward girls!

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