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August 28, 2012

MAC FIT and it's many blessings...

Ladies, I have been so blessed to become a part of this great group!  Your support has been so important to  me throughout this whole process, giving me the courage to be a leader! It has been just as important as I have begun my volleyball coaching journey this fall.  Thank you for the understanding during my busy schedule, as the posts on MAC FIT's blog have been few and far between.  

As  I read the Jesus Calling today, I was so empowered by the thought of our group GROWING STRONG.  Physically, yes... but so much more than that.  We gather together as sweaty, committed individuals on Saturday Mornings to grow in the love light of GOD and soak in his nutrition.  We strengthen our trust muscles as well as our physical muscles,  all in the safe and healthy environment that a bunch of loving women can create.    I am SO thankful for you all today - thank you for every ounce of sweat that you have given to me, I pray that it will bless you physically.  And thank you for every kind word - it has blessed me more than you know!  I love you all.  Sincerely,  Kacey Pruismann   "MAC FIT  co-trainer"

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