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August 6, 2012


Think about having a friend or two over to join you for your MAC FIT moves this week! Sweating is something better shared between friends! :)

PAIR #1:
·        Front squat to shoulder press
o   With the weights resting on the front of your shoulders, sit back into your squat position. (butt back, don’t let your knees go over your toes, chest up!)
o   As you stand up, press the weights into the air overhead.  This should be a fluid movement.
o   Bring the weights back down to shoulders, then repeat.

FROM THIS.....                 .....  TO THIS!

Tricep Pushup off counter, or chair.
o   You may be getting really good at these by now! If so, try moving yourself down to a sturdy chair, bench, or a sofa arm. Something lower than a counter top.  If you are still a the counter top – good for you! You are still doing a great move for your triceps, ladies!
o   Remember that your hands are just tighter than shoulder width apart,  keep your elbows in, shoulders stay down away from your ears, and push up equally out of both hands.  Bodies straight from toes to neck – like a board! This picture shows body position, just imagine yourself doing it off of the counter, rather than the floor!


     With both legs extended, pull one knee in towards the opposite elbow in a cross body crunch, leaving the other leg extended.
o   Switch legs and repeat.
o   IF YOU HAVE BACK ISSUES – instead of having your legs extended. Keep them bent with foot on floor.  You can still cross body crunch the opposite knee to opposite elbow, but avoid the back pressure.

Pair # 2:
·        Wall sits with Bicep Curl
o   With your backs on the wall, lower yourself to a 90 degree angle of your legs (or close).
o   With weights at your sides, alternate curling one arm up at a time. Keeping your elbow secure, non-moving. 
o   Do this until you have done 10 curls on each arm.

    Bent over Row
o   You can use either the band or a weight to do this back exercise.
o   Take a big step out, and lower yourself so that your front leg is bent, back leg is behind you are relatively straight,  and your back is straight from your hips to your neck, and you are looking at the floor in front of you.
o   Pull your arm holding weight or band back– pulling your elbow straight back towards the ceiling behind you.  Remember to go slow on the way down, and keep your shoulders down away from your ears.              *Helpful hint- if you use the weight, rest your coordinating hand on the front leg that is bent, and pull the weight with the opposite hand.  If you are using the band – arrange yourself so that you are pulling the band on the same side of your front bent leg!
 (     Feel free to straighten that back leg and rest on bent front leg... this picture doesn't show that)

     Perfect sit ups!
·        Laying on your  back with your knees bent, hands behind your head, focus on these 3 things SIMULTANEOUSLY.  (OY! – multi tasking exercise? – brain and body work!!)
o   Lift pelvis off of floor (Squeezing butt cheeks)
o   Pull belly button in towards spine… Suck it in ladies!
o   Lift shoulders off floor by thinking about Closing your Rib Cage towards your pelvis!
·        When you release this exercise, do not let yourself rest flat on the floor in between. Think about keeping a slight closure of the rib cage during the whole exercise… keep the shoulder’s slightly off the floor! You can do it! J  Remember to think about lifting your shoulders off by using your abs, not by pulling your head off the floor with your heands, that will crank the neck in bad ways! And if you do have neck pain, please feel free to relax when needed.  You will still get a good workout!

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